The Bar


The Lounge Bar of Hotel Duo

In the effervescent district of the Marais, we do not notice it right away. It must be said that the place is discreet. And yet, it's been a century since this beautiful boutique hotel is part of the decor.

A few weeks ago, we went to see what was happening a little closer.

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A bubble of serenity in the heart of the Marais

What strikes first when you push the doors of the Hotel Duo is the atmosphere of serenity that permeates the place. Suddenly, the noise of the street fades, and the time seems to be suspended.

Véronique Turmel, who now runs Hotel Duo, is the fourth generation of women from the same family who, since the 1920s, have written the history of this establishment.

The hotel has become, with its 58 rooms, a nice four stars boutique hotel, as design as confidential.

Véronique, passionate about decoration, crossed, with happiness, the road of Jean-Philippe NUEL, who accompanied her over the years.

The place is full of plants, warm colors and designer furniture. Soft armchairs and XXL lamps enthroned under the exposed beams of time, for the greatest pleasure of our eyes.

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A contemporary Bar-lounge

In the spirit of the "hotel bar", the Duo has created its Lounge area, open to all. Hidden in the back of the hall, in a cozy atmosphere, this is the perfect place to have a drink away from the hustle and bustle of the Marais.

A la carte, Alexander, the bartender, offers signature cocktails such as Ruby, rum, red Lillet, vanilla syrup, mango juice & strawberry juice, but of course all the classics that can be revisited as the Mojito with Champagne or the Pina Colada with soy milk! The drinks are accompanied by small seasonal snack, salted or sweet, according to the time.

Even the smokehouse is an oasis of calm, with its open patio, tree sculpture and small aromatic herbs. For a date, an appointment or just a quiet drink before going out to party, this little design nugget is our favorite neighborhood!

Open 7/7 from 6PM to Midnight.

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